Reflect Festival: Doers united

Reflect festival 2022

Our team had the pleasure of attending the Reflect Festival in the heart of Limassol last week. Reflect festival brought together “doers” from all over the world to discuss and connect over projects, ideas, and research at the forefront of tech and business.

Subjects at talks and panels included AI, sustainable tech, employee well-being, the ecosystems of startups, the Metaverse, gender equality in tech, and much more..

We enjoyed talks and panels hosted by industry-leading founders and researchers from the Mediterranean, wider Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even Australia. The lineup included CEOs from up-and-coming startups, speakers from established brands, and government representatives.

Reflect created a space for us to network with like-minded creators at every chance we could, being surrounded by vibrant and innovative individuals who we can now call friends and potential future business partners.

Our team left the festival with a fresh burst of inspiration to do better in our part of advancing the tech industry in Cyprus in the most sustainable way we can. Additionally, we left with countless inspiring innovators as our newest connections, and we could not be more grateful.

Check out Our Story to read about our journey and mission as a startup in Cyprus.

reflect festival
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