Competitor Price Monitoring

Price monitoring, made simple.

Competitor Price Monitoring for Business Needs

One of the primary services we provide is an online price monitoring tool. Having built our data crawling platform, DataSearch, collecting data comes easily to us. Our platform is equipped to monitor any public price listing on the web. Also, users can choose the frequency of data collection to receive up-to-date, current pricing data and see the changes as they happen. You can make informed data-driven decisions by keeping tabs on your competition’s product prices. This monitoring solution can serve various suppliers, e-commerce businesses, and more.

An example of our service

For example, an online watch boutique wants to monitor other watch sellers’ rates online. The boutique subscribes to our service and gives us their requirements. We proceed to crawl and scrape the internet for public price data. After that, we structure the data in a format that fits the client’s needs. Additionally, the system can repeat the process on an automated schedule to record price changes over time.

The client can then use the price data to inform cutting-edge marketing and business strategies.

Price Change Alerts

Price Monitoring Reports

Service Pricing & Payments

We offer recurring plans, monthly or yearly. Prices vary with the frequency of renewal, the number of listings and websites monitored.

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