Our story

Our story

Soft Surge

Soft Surge Ltd is a software development and digital marketing company based in Limassol, Cyprus. We provide services related to data aggregation, price monitoring, and e-commerce.

The Beginning

Our story started to tackle issues users face when searching for real estate in Cyprus. The process usually requires browsing numerous websites to view all available online listings.

Estate Searcher

After reaching out to buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, it became clear that uploading properties on listing websites is a problem for many. Many agents were unhappy with manual imports and third-party integrations. The solution was clear to us; A web crawler would gather wanted data from real estate agents’ websites and replicate them on listing sites.

Our platform, Estate Searcher, was born. The software automates data collection and displays multiple listings on one search engine.
Furthermore, the platform is monetized using a custom, fully automated Ad Manager.
After launching Estate Searcher, we instantly got positive feedback from agents and developers about the ease of our platform’s uploading process. Ultimately, leading to our business acceptance into the Bank of Cyprus incubator/accelerator, IDEA.

Here are some video guides on how to use our platform to search for properties or advertise:

How to search using predefined values

How to use our search bar

Advertising section presentation

How to register and log in on Estate Searcher


Through IDEA, we developed a firm understanding of how the market works and the steps needed to find Investors. These resources resulted in us refining our business idea. We also received a significant monetary injection, helping us through our product development’s first year.
Moreover, the program allowed us to talk about our business idea with many experts, consultants and fellow entrepreneurs. The program led us to understand that Estate Searcher was only the tip of the iceberg.




Data Aggregation

Our web crawling capabilities can elevate many projects, and we can offer them to clients. We have developed a platform, Datasearch, where clients can access our service for their projects. Furthermore, we are currently working on making this solution fully automated. In short, This would allow clients to complete the entire process without any human interference.

Price Monitoring

Also, we tweak our data aggregation capabilities to
provide a price monitoring tool. The tool crawls for all publicly available prices of any product chosen by clients. We have started developing this project and expect it to go live in early 2022.


Early Investors

The company has onboarded handpicked individuals as early investors. Their strong relative backgrounds help the company become better established in the data aggregation industry.
You can access more info regarding our investors here:

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