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DataSearch is a brand registered under the Soft Surge Ltd enterprise specialising in custom data gathering using web crawling, scraping, and data aggregation services. We built DataSearch to cater to all of your data needs.

What services does DataSearch offer?

DataSearch provides data collection using crawlers that we’ve built. The primary services currently offered are:

  • Price monitoring datasearch

    Price Monitoring

  • Web Crawling datasearch

    Web Crawling and Scraping

  • Data aggregation datasearch

    Data Aggregation

How do the Web Crawling and Monitoring services work?

The client can provide us with either a list of websites or parameters to identify websites they want to gather data from. Our crawlers do the rest of the work.
DataSearch tools can also search using categories (e.g. region, product name, barcode) to crawl numerous web pages on targeted search engines. This is done using the APIs of specific search engines (e.g. Google, Bing).
The services include automated scheduled crawling with a customisable frequency to detect changes in variable assets.
Furthermore, asset change alerts and customised reports are provided to clients after each crawl, formatted depending on their needs.

Crawling and Monitoring for business

Potential clients for market and price monitoring include suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, boutiques, e-commerce websites etc., both locally and from nearby countries.
Whether monitoring market behaviour or price changes, clients can use our service to stay informed on current affairs. Clients are interested in remaining relevant in their respective markets by reacting swiftly to competitor behaviour.

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How does the Data Aggregation service work?

Another service offered by DataSearch is data aggregation. Data aggregation begins with the process of gathering the requested data. Then, structuring it according to the format requested by our client, so the data can be presented on the client’s system. This means the first half of the process is similar to regular web crawling, with an additional tunnel to display the collected data on another platform, using our APIs.

Data Aggregation for business

Data aggregation can be used to display numerous listings all on unified platforms with automatic updates. Examples of clients include any online marketplaces that need to gather and display information from their listed contributors’ websites.

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To conclude, DataSearch is a data-gathering brand specialising in web crawling, scraping, price monitoring, and data aggregation. With the use of crawlers, the team has built tools suitable for business uses. These include monitoring market and pricing behaviour for clients such as suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, boutiques and e-commerce websites. DataSearch also provides services for populating listings in an automated manner on marketplaces or indexing websites.

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