Digital Transformation: How is Cyprus Going Digital in 2022?

Digital transformation cyprus

How digitally advanced is the Cypriot society as a whole? Why is digital advancement significant? What steps is the government taking to digitize Cyprus?
These are all reasonable questions that come to mind when thinking about the digital ecosystem of Cyprus. So, to make things simpler for readers interested in digital transformation, I will summarise answers to these questions in this article.

Where is Cyprus, digitally?

In Cyprus, the number of people with at least basic overall digital skills in 2021 is recorded at 50% of the population; This means that every 1 in 2 adults in Cyprus lacks basic digital skills. In addition, approximately 10% of Cypriots have never even used the internet. The countries with the largest percentage of people with basic digital skills are the Netherlands and Finland at 79%, almost 30% greater than Cyprus. Eurostat also places Cyprus 6% under the EU average of 56%.

If the island wants to reach and surpass the EU average anytime soon, a swift change of pace is needed to improve the digital skills of citizens.

DESI 2022 graph

The digital economy and society index (DESI) 2022 ranking puts Cyprus in 20th place among the 27 EU countries. Although Cyprus is under the EU average, it’s clear that a positive trend persists as the island significantly jumped from 24th place in 2020.

Why is digital transformation necessary for Cyprus?

To start, let’s define digital development as a concept and how it is measured; These are some of the factors that are good indicators of the level of digital advancement:

  • The digital skills of the general public
  • How digitized public services are (e.g., postal services, supermarkets, government documents and tasks, schools)
  • The number of tech specialists, companies, and researchers
  • How many companies use advanced digital technology to streamline their workflows and services

The ultimate goals that a smooth digital transition in Cyprus would bring are as follows:

  • Technology that works for people
  • A vibrant, sustainable, and resilient digital economy
  • An open, Democratic and inclusive society
  • A green, digital transition for Cyprus

What steps is Cyprus taking in the right direction to digital transformation?

Some of the actions being taken to increase digital advancement in Cyprus include:

  • Equip and develop digital skills of citizens to use new digital everyday systems
  • Support the digitalization of local businesses
  • Increase the number of CY-based graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), increasing the volume and quality of the future workforce in these industries.
  • Upskilling workers to increase their competitive edge in their respective markets
  • Developing and promoting e-government
  • Develop digital connectivity within Cyprus and with international connections


With the aim to develop a more digital and sustainable nation, the Cypriot government implements various schemes and strategies targeted at fast-tracking local digital advancement.

Digital Strategy for Cyprus 2020-2025

The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy (DMRID) actively coordinates the Digital Strategy for Cyprus 2020-2025. The strategy aims to: (i) promote e-government by redesigning the Ministry’s organization and governance model, optimizing the Ministry’s model of service delivery, and delivering a resilient, robust, and secure information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure; (ii) deliver a stronger digital economy and promote the development of competitive and digital industries; (iii) facilitate high-speed network connectivity and increase takeup; (iv) promote an accessible and inclusive society that has the skills and motivation to both embrace the national digital transformation and actively participate in digital communities; and (v) ensure security in data and infrastructure and increase the public’s trust in online transactions.

Digital Skills National Action Plan 2021-2025

The Digital Skills National Action Plan 2021-2025 aims to develop and improve the digital skills of the entire Cypriot population.  : (i) delivering an inclusive, open, digital society; (ii) boosting the basic digital and basic software skills of Cypriots; and (iii) creating a critical mass of ICT specialists in the country. The action plan will be implemented by the Cypriot ‘National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, which the DMRID will reactivate in the third quarter of 2022.

Actions so far

We can see some real-time actions and goals of the government concerning digital transformation through these most recent instances:

Who funds the digital transformation of Cyprus?

National digital transformation is funded through the investors of various schemes.

EU Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF)

NextGenerationEU funds its member states on behalf of the EU as part of a plan to recover and elevate EU economies since the COVID-19 pandemic started. In its national Resilience and Recovery Plan (RRP), Cyprus has included reforms and investments of around €282 million, devoting 23% of the total cost to digital objectives.

The digital funding is divided into the following:

  • More than €170m for the promotion of e-government
  • €53 million for ultra-fast connectivity
  • €24 million for the enhancement of digital skills across government, industry, academia, and society
  • €35 for the development of smart cities

Other EU funding

National Digitalisation Funds

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